Sunday, December 9, 2012

My top anime in random order

This list was in random order.

1.) K-ON!!

I thought for sure this was a child's play like Azumanga Daioh. I never expected myself to like this anime so much. It was extremely funny and enjoyed every bit of minute watching this. I even created copies of this anime so that more of my friends can enjoy this show. Laugh trips never ends in just a minute and it was able to satisfy me for the whole day after watching a single episode. It was kind of cute and i don't really know how can an artist or writer tickle us, the audience. Truly this was awesome. I swear you'll have fun if you watch it.

The season 2 was awesome, too, even the movie. But i still prefer the season 1, either way, it's really good..


Ever seen Detective Conan?
This one seems like it. Solving mysteries and tracing the path for the truth, it was a total "oooohh" for me. I really enjoyed this. Another anime to vent your knowledge for finding the clues.  If you like mysteries and detectives, surely you'll like this. It was really a good thing to somehow escape the seriousness which this anime has shown or else this would be plainly boring.


Starting from the first few minutes of watching this anime, it has already captured me to follow the series. It has something there that i want more thats why i'm ranting for a second season. It finished me off with the expression at the last episode, "that's all?". Nevertheless, this has reached my top list of anime. The storyline was good, animation was great, but they didn't work much for romance. It would be better if there were developing feelings.


All i can say was, " this was great! ". I prefer more the dubbed version, and i like the voice actress that voiced Holo. I can't get it out of my mind. Her voice seems playful, mysterious, and fits right.The male protagonists was not like any other male characters that you can usually see but on the other hand he lacks some sense. This was purely rotating around the world of merchants. I learned something from it. Anime can teach us some worldly techniques in business, don't you think? Romance has sufficed me, and a truly thumbs up for me. Watch it!

Season 2 was also great!


Have you seen DORAEMON? The graphics of animation was just like it.
It was an old anime series that I've digged. It runs for almost 40+ episodes or i think 50+? (can't remember). But for an anime to be watched in the year of 2010 or 2012, it was extremely awesome. I wanted to rewatch it again but Youtube has removed some of the uploaded videos there.

Do you like to have a boyfriend with powers? or a girlfriend that was a total beauty yet a good fighter? Will your feelings reach each other if there was this twist here and there?
It really have these feeling of the past of around 70s, 80s, or 90s because of the O, most popular saxophone music playing. If you haven't seen this then I'll recommend that you watch it.


ah, it was aired in tv but i didn't watch it. I was 14 at that time and anime has been recently introduced to me. My friends kept talking about this so I tried to watch it in tv. I just watched episode 8, when I found it pretty boring. I thought i would be hooked up by that time.
After a year, i gave it a try again and found myself enjoying it. Maybe because i didn't started it in the first episode that i didn't understand the whole plot before or is it because the dub in our country was horrible? I prefer to watch it with subtitle because it was far more convincing. Anyway, it was romantic comedy between two different people. Need to say more? Just watch it and see for yourself.


just like the others, this was a good anime. Fans were more probably waiting for Usui-kun who has an extremely clever personality. If i were him, i'd really do exactly the same thing he does. Ohh, pheromones was a talk around. I can relate myself to the protagonists. I'm a hard worker like Misaki but at the same time i'm a playful demon like Usui. You can't escape from me..hahaha..
Don't take this literally, i don't mean angels or demons. There's no such thing here in this anime, but maybe.


How can you make a super smart guy like a dumb girl? Somehow, i just hate how the dumb girl can be the stupidest at some time but i know she's trying her best. I also hate sometimes guys with an arrogant attitude.
Overall, this was a fine anime.
This anime has a live action series called Itazura Na Kiss in japanese, or Playful Kiss in korean.

This will be updated!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Parent Trap and Mei-chan Shitsuji


yep, this is one great movie. Well, did you ever thought that one of them is Lindsay Lohan?.. or just thought maybe?..or what?!!...
anyway, my first impression about this movie was a kid show or so..but as the scenes go by after and after..I could understand the story of this little twins..


Identical twins Hallie and Annie were separated at birth when their parents divorced. After the two meet at summer camp, they begin plotting to reunite their estranged parents.

Watch it here:
- Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3,
Part 4,
Part 5,
Part 6,
Part 7,
Part 8,
Part 9,
Part 10,
Part 11,
Part 12

2.) Mei-chan no Shitsuji

These were the three main cast in this movie..
This movie was pretty funny, swirled up with romance and an action which was like a child's play..I didn't like the actions here since the battle between butlers is not seems like nothing..


The story revolves around a young woman named Mei, who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento decides to enroll in a butler school so that he can stay close to her

Watch it here:

Thursday, December 23, 2010



I. Tauhan

Jiro Manio - Magnifico; Pikoy
Albert Martinez - Geraldo; Tatay ni Magnifico
Lorna Tolentino - Edna; Ina ni Magnifico
Gloria Romero - Lola ni Magnifico
Danilo Barrios - Miong; Kuya ni Magnifico
Cecilia Rodriguez - Mrs. Doring
Isabel de Leon - Helen; Kapatid ni Magnifico

Girlie Sevilla- Isang
Joseph Robles - Carlo
Mark Gil- Domeng
Cherry Pie Picache- Cristy

Amy Austria- Tessie
Tonton Gutierrez- Mr. Romy
Susan Africa - Pracing
Dindin Liarina- Ria

Allyson Gonzales- Makoy

Ang Scriptwriter

Ang Magnifico ay isang sentimental family-oriented melodrama mula sa Pilipinas, na isinulat ni Michiko Yamamoto S. bilang unang gantimpala sa isang scriptwriting contest.

Ang Direktor

Sa direksyon ni Maryo J. de los Reyes isang batikang director at isa rin sa mga award winning’s at nominado sa iba’t ibang parangal. Maayos at maganda ang pagkakadirek niya sa pelikulang ito. Napakaepektib ng ginawa niya at nagging makatotohanan at sobrang nakakaiyak ang istoryang ito. Kaya masasabi kong isa ito sa pinakamagandang drama na aking napanood. Dahil sa ganda at maayos na kinalabasan ng pelikula ito masasabi kong 5/5 ang direksyon nito.

II. Buod

Si Magnifico ay lumaki sa mahirap na pamilya. Kahit bata pa lang siya ay tinutulungan niya ang mga may nangangailangan. Tumutulong siya sa kanyang pamilya tulad ng pag-aalaga sa kanyang lola at kapatid na may sakit. Dahil sa kahirapan ng kanilang pamilya, naging malaking problema sa kanila ang pagkakaroon ng sakit ng kanyang lola. May taning na rin ang buhay ng kanyang lola, kaya sa pagnanais niyang makatulong sa kanyang pamilya gumawa siya ng paraan upang paghandaan ang burol ng kanyang lola. Siya ang gumawa ng kabaong at siya ang naghanda ng kasuotan kapag namatay na ang kanyang lola na may taning na ang buhay. Sinikap niyang tugunan ang pangangailangan ng kanyang pamilya tulad ng kanyang kapatid na babae na pinapasan niya sa likod at ang nakatatandang kapatid na natanggalan ng iskolarship. Marami ang natulungan ni Magnifico tulad nila Ka Doring na galit na galit sa mundo at sina Cristy at Fracing na may tampuhan ngunit sa huli ay nagbati rin. Punumpuno ng kabutihan si Magnifico. Ngunit sa kasawiang-palad ay nahagip siya ng isang sasakyan dahil sa pagliligtas niya kay Domeng. Ito ang naging dahilan ng kanyang maagang kamatayan. Maraming tao ang nakiramay sa pagkamatay ni Magnifico. Ang paghahandang burol para sa kanyang lola ay gimanit para sa kanyang pagpanaw. Ang kabutihan ni Magnifico ay mananatili sa puso at isip ng mga taong kanyang natulungan at nakasama.

III. Paksa

Ang pelikulang Magnifico ay tungkol sa buhay ng isang batang musmos na namulat ang isipan dahil sa kahirapan. Inilarawan dito ang mga pagsisikap at tagumapay, kabutihang loob, bawat pagmulat ng kanyang mata sa mga bawat bagong umagang darating sa kanya at lalong-lalo na ang mga pagbabagong naganap noong kamatayan niya.

IV. Mga Artista

Magnifico (Jiro Manio) ay isang bata mula sa mahihirap na bayan ng Lumban, Laguna, na sumusubok na tumulong sa kanyang mga magulang (Albert Martinez at Lorna Tolentino) sa pamamagitan ng pagtataas ng pera upang ibaon ang kanyang lola (Gloria Romero), na ang naghihingalo ng kanser. Samantala, ang kanyang kapatid na mas matanda (Danilo Barrios) ay nawalan ng kanyang scholarship, at ang kanyang kapatid na babae Ellen (Isabel De Leon) ay naghihirap mula sa pagkakaparalisa.

V. Iskrip

Sa pag-andar ng kwento ipinakikilala ang bawat tauhan ayon sa mga sitwasyong nagaganap. Ang paglalahad ng kwento ay makikita sa pamamaraan ng pagsasalita ng bawat taong nariyon sa isang eksena.

Nagiging dalisay ang takbo ng usapan. At angkop ang bawat damdamin sa mga pangyayaring nagaganap. Mas naiintindihan ang mga ito ayon sa pagkakasunod-sunod ng magandang paglalahad ng kwento at pagganap ng mga artista dito.

Sa mga halos eksena, ipinapakita ang bawat opinyon ng tao ukol kay Magnifico. Ang pagiging relasyon nito sa bida at ang mga bagay na magpapakita kung sino at ano ba talaga ang bida.

VI. Suliranin/Mensahe

Ang pelikulang ito’y pumapaloob tungkol sa pagkamulat ng isipan ng isang musmos na bata. Ipinapakita dito ang mga pagsubok na dinaraanan niya sa buhay ng kahirapan.

VII. Kasuotan at Kagamitan na Ginamit

Angkop at bumabagay sa kwento ang kasuotang ginamit. Simple pero tugma sa tema ng pelikula. Angkop sa panahon ang bawat kasuotang ginagamit.

Sa paraang maayos at naktitipid, tama lang ang mga gamit na ginamit. Sadyang kapansin-pansin dahil sa pagkakalarawan ng kwento.

XI. Anyo ng Teatro

Simple at angkop na angkop sa pelikula na siyan nagpaganda ng kinalabasan ng dramang ito dahil halos lahat ay bumagay sa tema. Napagukulan din ito ng pansin kaya gumanda ang pelikulang ito dahil din sa set o sa lugar na ginawa ang pelikulang ito.

Tunay na kahanga-hanga ang pelikulang ito. Naging isa sa mga magandang pelikulang nabigayan rin ng pansin hanggang sa ibang bansa.

XII. Ilaw

Ang ilaw ay may pagkamadilim. Sumisimbolo rin ito sa kahirapang angkop at nararapat sa kwento.

XIII. Sinematograpiya

Ang anggulo nito ay nasa ayos at maganda ang mga kuha upang maging makatotohanan.
Ang kalinawan nito sa bawat senaryo ay napakasimple at napakadramatic. Kitang-kita ang lahat ng pagkilos at ang mga bagay na maaring magpagalaw ng pelikula sa paraang makatotohanan at may sistema.

XIV. Tunog

Maganda ang nilapat na tunog kapag ang bida ay umiiyak naging angkop ang tunog nito at naging nakakaiyak.

VIII. Musika

Maganda at mahusay ang musika nito. Bumagay ito sa genre ng pelikula. Si Lutgardo Labad ang naglaga’y ng mga sound effect na pakasimple at dramatic ang mga nilagay niyang tunog.

VI. Panahon

Angkop ito sa bawat panahon. Maayos na nailahad ng editor ang nilalaman ng istoryang ito at napakadramatic ng pelikulang ito. Kung susuriin ang iba pang pelikula, ito na ata ang pinaka malungkot na pelikulang Pilipinong maaaring magpaantig ng puso ninoman.


-FIL10 (suring pelikula assignment q sa MaPUA)

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